Congratulations to 2017 Sister City Champions – My Blue Shadow. 

Please tell us a little about yourself?
Jason and I are both in our 40’s and have been married for 6.5 years. We love adventure and are always looking for something fun to do. We had 2 Italian Greyhounds that always accompany us on our adventures. We lost our team mascot (Shadow) and the end of last year so we our so grateful to have had him with us at last years finale party!
What drew you to compete in the Great Puzzle Pursuit?
I (Mondie) have always loved puzzles and have participate in a few “puzzle race” type adventures. I found The Great Puzzle Pursuit on Groupon and thought it sounded fun. Jason joined me kicking and screaming, but by the end of the first location puzzle, he was all in and already bragging about his skills!
What was most challenging part of the adventure for you?
We didn’t solve the National Puzzle the first year, despite trying for several weeks. I had done so much research about deciphering and had forgotten most of it by the start of the next year, but quickly got back into it and found my favorite websites again pretty quickly! I learned to save them!
Do you have a method for solving difficult puzzles that you’re willing to share?
Jason has a knack for seeing the bigger picture and I’m really good with the details. I’m also the one who can figure out the type of decipher we are working on, but Jason can do all the decoding in his head. He often just blurts out the answer and I still have to work it out to prove that he’s right. He’s kind of annoying!
What advice would you give teams this year?
Make it fun, and take time to explore the city! If you get stuck, take a step back and don’t think about it for a bit and then try to start the puzzle over.