Congratulations to 2015 Champion – Club Edventures. 

Please tell us a little about yourself?

Ed: Enjoy games, puzzles and outdoor fun, so it’s nice to have experiences, such as GPP, that encompass all three! Create scavenger hunts and puzzle pub crawls in Philly as fundraisers for different local non-profits. Work in IT, so it’s nice to see technology getting integrated into games and puzzles. And a Capricorn.

Casey: Kind of similar to Ed. But a Libra.

What drew you to compete in the Great Puzzle Pursuit?

Ed: Always game (see that!) to try new scavenger hunts and see if I can find new spots in Philly (and other cities) that I have never visited (or aspects of known locations that I never noticed) – also to see what new clever puzzles Jason is conjuring up for us. Most of the other hunts are one-time timed events (fastest team wins), so having the ability to play anytime between mid-March and September was very appealing.

Casey: Ed asked me.

What was most challenging part of the adventure for you?

Ed: Many of the puzzle types could be deduced right away (such as a Caesar Cipher), but some were very subtle and especially clever, so you had to figure out what kind of puzzle it was before even trying to solve it.

Casey: Finding the time!

Do you have a method for solving difficult puzzles that you’re willing to share?

Ed: You tend to focus on the center part of the puzzle while trying to solve it – if nothing is popping out scan around the borders. Also, if it’s text, read it backwards (or an image, scan in reverse) to spot things hidden in the words/images.

Casey: See Ed.

What advice would you give teams this year?

Ed: You may solve (the first few locations) at a slow pace to get into the mood; but once your brain gets attuned to the GPP puzzles, finishing the city becomes much easier – and if you compete in multiple cities you become even more efficient each time. It may take you a while to complete the first city, but don’t let this deter you from trying another city (since it might end up taking only half the time).

Casey: Whatever Ed just said.