The Great Puzzle Pursuit is a mobile guided, solve at your own pace adventure where teams will decipher increasingly difficult puzzles built within the very monuments of your cities. If you can beat this challenge by the end of each season, you have the chance to win multiple cash prizes!


Each adventure is modeled after those you would find in movies like The Davinci Code and National Treasure. Only those few who know what to look for have a chance to uncover the secrets embedded within our statues, monuments and history.

But this isn’t a simple game.  This is an adventure that often takes longer than a single afternoon to conquer. In fact, players often need days, weeks and months to work through a series of 15 increasingly difficult puzzles, ciphers, and codes hidden around these historic sites. Some teams never finish at all.


Q: What should I expect on this Adventure tour?

A: On this Puzzle-Adventure tour you will need to unlock a series of 15 increasingly difficult puzzles, ciphers and codes as you explore entire cities. These puzzles will generally be divided into 2 types; Location clues and On-site Puzzles. 

Location Clues – You will need to decipher or decode a puzzle that will lead you to a location.

On-Site Puzzles – Once at the correct location you will need a critical piece of information that is embedded amongst these sites that without it, you will not be able to move on.

All culminating into one final epic puzzle that has been designed to be unbreakable. Plus in season 3 we had introduced the Sister Cities Challenge as well which we have continued into season 4!


Q:  What is the Sister City Challenge?

A: For those teams who are travel and adventure buffs, we offer the Sister City Challenge! If you are able to travel to and complete each a Red, Blue and Green city you will collect all three pieces of the Sister City map and have the chance to qualify for our largest Grand Prize, The Sister City Challenge Prize! This is no small feat as at the end of each city there is a challenging National puzzle that only the best can complete. Even if teams can get this far, the Sister City Puzzle will weed out and identify only the best of the best!


Q: When Can I start?

A: Registration for 2018 began on March 15th with the adventure beginning April 1st 2018.  For those who have not joined us before, you can always play through the previous 3 adventures if they were offered in your city, anytime at a steeply discounted rate. All the prizes have been awarded but the adventure still remains.


Q:  How much can I win?

A: As you move through this adventure teams can qualify for three separate cash prizes.

  1. If you can complete all 7 locations; a total of 14 puzzles, teams qualify for a City Cash Prize of $500.
  2. At the end of each city, there is one more challenging puzzle called the National Puzzle. Complete this and qualify for $1,000.
  3. For those who can complete 3 Sister Cities by October 15th, all 3 National Puzzles, AND collect and solve for all 3 pieces of the Sister City map; these teams will qualify for the Sister City Challenge Prize of $2,000!

Teams have a chance at winning all three cash prizes as well. Last years team “MyBlueShadow” won both the National AND the Sister City!


Q:  How do I sign up?

A: Once you select the appropriate city from the menu you will next select “Sign Up”. This will walk you through selecting your membership and creating a user name(Team Name) and password for the challenge.


Q:  I don’t have a Paypal account.  How do I pay?

A:  You do not need a PayPal account to sign up.  Just click on the PayPal payment button and it will walk you through paying with a credit or debit card.


Q: If I register now, do I have to start now?

A:  No, when you start is entirely up to you and your team. The only catch is, you must finish by October 15th, 2018 to be entered in the drawing for the Cash Grand Prizes.


Q:  Where do I log-in once I’ve created my user name and password?

A:  In the Main Menu, click Start.  This will take you to the login page.  Once logged in, you may begin your adventure!


Q: How do I continue where I left off?

A:  Once you log back into your account a page appears that offers the ability to return to your previous location. We do recommend that you also write down all of your answers in case for any reason your progress does not save so that you can simply reenter.


Q: How do I check my progress?

A: Each city will have a “Leader-board” where you can monitor your progress. You will receive 5 points for each puzzle you solve.


Q: Can I switch devices or log in from my computer to work on a puzzle from home?

A:  Yes. However, the game keeps track of your progress per device. So if you would like to switch to another device, or to your PC you will have to enter each answer from the start again. We recommend you write down each answer in a notebook just in case. This will not have any effect on scoring as your points will accumulate based on the last puzzle you have solved correctly.


Q: How far will I walk, bike or run?

A: This is a tour of the city. You will be traveling through city streets. The amount of travel depends on your sense of direction. We recommend packing a lunch.


Q: Am I limited to certain hours of the day?

A: No. All locations are accessible from dawn to dusk and most are accessible 24 hours a day. You will never have to pay to enter a building or a site nor interact with any people outside your own team.


Q: Can children participate?

A: You must be over 18 to sign up, but children are welcome and encouraged to accompany you throughout the pursuit.


Q: I am sure I have the right answer, what the heck?

A:  Often times many locations will have multiple ways to enter its name and we try to accommodate all references when possible. If your specific answer doesn’t work try entering it in a different name or format. Example – World War 2 can be entered as “World War Two”, “WW2″, “WWII”, “World War 2″, “WORLD WAR TWO”, etc….

As a last resort if nothing is working but you are sure of your answer please contact us either via email which we will generally respond to within 24 hours or via Facebook where we can usually answer within the hour.


Q:  I’m stuck, now what?

A:  Google is your friend!  At the bottom of each page, there is a google search bar to help you find the answers. You will need to use all resources at your disposal if you expect to complete this quest.  If you are really stuck, you can purchase access to the hints and clues to all locations for just $10.00. You however will not receive a clue to the final National Puzzle. Only the best of the best will qualify for this prize.


Q:  How many people can be on a team?

A:  There is no limit to group size, but you only receive 2 entries for pairs and 4 entries for team memberships into the Grand Prize pools.  We recommend that groups sign up for their own puzzle pass; as only 1 device may be logged in at a time per membership.


Q:  I didn’t finish in one day.  How long do I have?

A:  This challenge is not easy and some will not finish at all. We recommend you budget at least a full day and potentially a weekend if you struggle with solving puzzles just for the city portion. Once the National Puzzle is revealed you will be able to work on this from home. Teams will have over 7 months so take your time and enjoy the adventure!


Q: Why is this so hard?

A:  We have designed the puzzles to vary in type and to increase in difficulty as you progress. We’re looking for you to get that “Ah-ha” moment when you come to the right conclusion moving forward. The last puzzles are very difficult and only those who are up to the challenge will be able to claim victory!


**A final note.

We have placed a search bar at the bottom of each page. We encourage you to use all the resources you have to discover the locations and the answers to these riddles. There will be ciphers that will test your patience and this is by design. If all else fails we do offer the ability to purchase all of the clues and hints for one low price, but we encourage you to avoid this unless it is a last resort. Keep in mind these are just helpful clues and not the answers themselves.

Everything you need to complete this gauntlet has been given to you. The question is, are you up to the challenge?


1. Either a Pair or Team Membership.

2. A smart device with internet connection. (Data charges from your carrier may apply.)

3. A notebook and writing utensil are recommended.

4. Sense of adventure!